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Know all men by these presents:
This agreement made and executed by and between the RENTER and the Transavia Rent A Car Philippines, a company duly organized and existing under and by virtue of the Philippines, after called the “COMPANY”.

The company rents out to the renter the vehicle subject to all terms and conditions stipulated herein and the renter acknowledges and agrees to the following:



  1. Passport or International ID with picture shall leave voluntarily or
  2. Proof of billing OR Lease of contract OR copy of Plane Ticket OR Acknowledgement receipt of the Hotel.
  3. Copy of Driver’s License.
  4. Valid ID’s with photo (company ID, government ID, and etc.)
  5. Deposit/Reservation fee of Php5, 000.00.


With driver:

  1. Driver’s fee of Php300/10 hours (for Metro Manila) and Php400/10hours (for Out of Town).
  2. Excess hour shall be charged 10% of the daily rate.
  3. Food and lodging must be provided to the driver (if rented overnight).

Terms of Payment is cash on delivery

Rental period is good for 24 hours, excess hour shall be charged 10% of the daily rate for a maximum of 6 hours extension, otherwise 1 day rental is applied.

Gasoline, parking, towing charges, vulcanizing expense and toll fees are for renter’s account.

Lost/damaged/misplaced key is automatically charged with fee of Php500.

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