A guide for renting a car

Tips you might want to consider:

  1. Know your destination
  2. How many will be in your trip
  3. Add space for baggage and more baggage on your way back
  4. How much space will you need
  5. will there be children and toddlers on the vacation

The car, Van or SUV that you will choose will be your best friend on the road to where you, your family or companions will be going to its a part of that trip that make it all worth while

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What you should check before renting a car


Battery- Make sure it starts the car on one click

Lights- Check for busted lights

OIL- Check if the oil is at the right amount

Water- Check if the radiator is well filled well

Brakes- Do they work properly and no uneasy sounds

Air- Check the tires for recommended air pressure

Gas- Always make sure that the car you rented has a full tank of Gas

And most especially prepare your self ( The designated driver )

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