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Question: What are the requirements in renting a vehicle for self-drive?

Answer: Renter’s Passport, proof of billings, valid ID’s with picture, and refundable deposit.

Question: What if my driver’s license is from another country?

Answer: Driver’s license issued from another country can be used and valid for 90 days from the date of their arrival.

Question: Can I reserve for a specific color and car make?

Answer: Yes, you can and we will, but in some instances that we are unable to guarantee your specific vehicle we will assure you that we will be providing matching the standards of the vehicle you prefer. For example, if you reserve a Toyota Vios automatic all power, we will giving you either a Honda City or Nissan Sentra with the same features as well.

Question: What happens if there’s an accident during the rental period, what will be my participation?

Answer: Renter must notify the company immediately and must report that accident to the nearest police station and secure a police report.

Question: What is the policy on off-road driving?

Answer: All vehicles are to be operated only on regularly maintained roads. Off roads use is a violation of a rental agreement.

Question: Is the inter-island using RORO (Roll-on Roll-off) nautical highway is allowed?

Answer: No, inter-island in not allowed. It is a violation of rental agreement.

Question: How can I reserve a vehicle?

Answer: You can book online outright at Transavia Rent A Car Philippines or you can make a call to our office. We accept reservation thru phone with no reservation fee.